A meeting ground for people with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease and their families

The California Parkinson's Group (CPG) was formed by Young Onset Parkinsons Disease patients to foster support and collaboration among individuals and families living with Young Onset Parkinsons Disease in Orange County. 

CPG provides a forum for education, camaraderie and activism on common issues such as raising families, maintaining professions, learning about the newest PD research, staying active in the community, maintaining physical and mental health, and planning for disability and retirement.  CPG activities are organized and run by volunteers from within the group with the drive and energy to help others like themselves.

We have monthly meetings, either at the home of one of our members, or at a local venue in Orange County.  We discuss various topics, hear fresh ideas, share experiences, get helpful tips and advice, and gain perspective.  Several times a year we hear invited professional speakers.  We also have periodic social events such as our Summer BBQ Picnic. 

Patients (and their families) with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease are encouraged to join us.

CPG may not have all the answers but we do have some, and we are a good group of listeners because we are going through it with you.  We also can point you to places where you can get some reliable answers. You and your family do not have to go it alone.  

The tabs on the left can provide you with information about resources.

We also have a Care Partner’s Support Group that meets independently every one to two months.

Please e-mail us for more information and to be added to our e-mail list.  Also, look for us on Facebook.

Our Mission

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