Our Mission

To foster support and collaboration among friends and families with young onset Parkinson's Disease through dialogue, education and involvement in the medical research community.


  • Group Meetings
    • • Informal monthly discussion evening
      • » We meet at a volunteerís home on a rotating basis, to share information, compare medications and therapies, support each other, and discuss a topic defined by the hosts. It is crucial for us to see each otherís personal battles, and a relief to tell them to someone who feels what you do.
    • • Formal hosted annual dinners.
      • » We usually can arrange to bring everyone together for a sponsored dinner, a great way to meet new people and renew old connections.


  • Communication, out-reach, and awareness are all supported by having a central, dynamic, accessible resource of relevant information, i.e.
    • • The CalParkinsons.org website
      • » We maintain this site as the information hub for the Group, supporting our mission
    • • Features planned include
      • » Links
      • » Downloads (key documents)
      • » Contacts


  • We need to stay informed, and also to teach others about our capabilities and disabilities.
    • • Monitor conferences and popular press
      • » Knowledge is power, so we continually pull in news from public sources
    • • Distribute or Post new information
      • » Modern information technology affords us a variety of contact methods

Clinical Participation

  • To advance the scientific understanding of Parkinsonís and its diagnosis, therapy and eventual cure, we serve as
    • • Subjects enrolled in Clinical Studies and Trials
    • • Patient Models in teaching clinics
    • • Donors of tissue and organ materials for research purposes


  • In support of patients and care-givers, we encourage members to:
    • • Take any opportunities to inform
    • • Serve on advisory boards
    • • Work for a cure via the political process
    • • Dispel the stigma of movement disorders
    • • Contribute to compatible organizations

Elements of CPG
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